Fast Dual Charging Dock Station Charger with 2 Rechargeable

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Fast Dual Charging Dock Station Charger with 2 Rechargeable

Item specifics
  • Model: 93706
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging current: 300 mAh
  • Battery pack output voltage: DC2.4V
  • Charging dock output voltage: DC 5V
  • Net weight: 132g
Product Description
Fast-Dual-Charging-Dock-Station-Charger-with-2-Rechargeable-Batteries-Fast-Charg Fast-Dual-Charging-Dock-Station-Charger-with-2-Rechargeable-Batteries-Fast-Charg Fast-Dual-Charging-Dock-Station-Charger-with-2-Rechargeable-Batteries-Fast-ChargFast-Dual-Charging-Dock-Station-Charger-with-2-Rechargeable-Batteries-Fast-Charg
1.Input voltage: DC 5V
2.Charging current: 300 mAh
3.Battery pack output voltage: DC2.4V
4.Charging dock output voltage: DC 5V
5.Color: Black
6.Net weight: 132g
7.Size:6.3 X 14 X 3.6cm(Charging dock)
       4.3 X 5.6 X 2cm(Battery pack)
8.Cable Length: 83.5cm

1.Application:For the X-ONE original controller
2.With charge LED, can effectively shows the charge status.
3.With singlechip to control the charge, make the charge stable.
4.Charge time is about 2 hours.
5.The battery can be directly charged through connecting the provided USB cable from PC\'s or XBOX1 console\'s USB port to battery (mini USB port)

1 X  X-ONE dual charger
2 X Battery Pack
1 X Mini usb charge cable


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