Ipega PG-9055 Red Spider Game Pad Controller for Android IOS

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Ipega PG-9055 Red Spider Game Pad Controller for Android IOS

Item specifics

Brand Name: iPega
Model Number: PG-9055

Product Description

Product Description
1. This product runs mainly handsets/ tablet computers that runs on Android version 3.2 or above and supports Bluetooth 
   connect with  iPhone/ iPad that iOS7 system or above for playing shootout games.
    It can also be connected to Bluetooth portal to support game consoles that support Win XP/Win7/Win8 systems; 
2. This unit is ergonomically designed with a comfortable hand feel, adjustment and automatic alignment.

Performance Parameters:
Product Name: The Red Spider
Product Model: PG-9055
Voltage: DC3.7V
Voltage Current: 25mA-30mA
Playtime Hours: Continuous use for 12 hours
Input Voltage for Charging: DC 5V
Input Current for Charging: ≤ 500mA
Wireless/ Bluetooth Transmission Distance: ≤8M
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Alignment: 56~160mm (Maximum Support: 5.5 inches)

Supported Modes:
Android HID GamePad mode/ Android keyboard mode/ Android Mouse mode
iOS X_KEYBOARD mode/ iSO iCade mode

Supported Games:
1. Android System

1) It supports the vast majority of games such as: Shadowgun, Dead Trigger and Asphalt as well as emulator games
   (e.g MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC emulator, G-B-A emulator, arcade emulator, SF-C simulator, 
   N64 emulator, Shadowgun, Sonic CD, Cordy, soulcraft, Zenonia4, 9 Innings 2013, Riptide GP, etc.)
2) Mouse mode compatible game: Fruit Ninja,Pleants VS Zombies,Flappy Bird,ongry Birds,Sky Force,Airattack HD,Cut the Rope, etc.

2.iOS System: 
1) No jailbreak and the game downloaded from Newgame ( www.newgamepad.com )can be operated in the iOS X_KEYBOARD mode.
2) Jailbroken iOS devices can directly operate games supporting MFi.

Some games operating under the iOS system iCade mode:
Muffin Knight-Angry Mob Games                           Kung Fu Rabbit-Bulkypix
Box Cat-Rusty Moyher                                         Temple Run-Imangi Studios,LLC
Midway Arcade-Warner Bros                                 PAC-MAN for iPad-Namco Networks America Inc.Games
Super Lemonade Factory-Shane Brouwer               Blast Ball-UNCADE
Gold Runner-YOMEN,Inc.                                     Retro Racing-Me Qwak Limited 
Minotron:2112-Llamasoft                                       Velocispider-Retro Dreamer
No Gravity-Realtech VR                                        Super Mega Worm-Deceased Pixel LLC
Space Inversion-Silverline Arts                               Sideways Racing-Bjango
Emerald Mine-Les Bird                                          Freeesh-Realtech VR
Commodore64-Manomio LLC                                 The Exteriminator-SUMO Productions
IronStar Arena-Appracatappra, LLC.
Compression HD-Little White Bear Studios,LLC       Mos Speedrun-Physmo
Warblade HD-Edgar Vigdal                                     Plum Crazy-Claymore Games
HungryMaster-xionchannel                                     Cyborg Livestock-PopArcade
Space Inversion2-Silverline Arts                              Stardash-OrangePixel
Super Drill Panic-OrangePixel                                GoatUP-Llamasoft
Mintotaur Rescue-Llamasoft                                   Bob’s Action Racing-VariaMedia GmbH
Silverfish MAX-Chaotic Box                                    Match Panic-Chaotic Box
Retroid-Flat Black Films                                        Fruity The Snake HD-22Moo
AirAttack HD-Art In Games                                    Haunted Hallway-UNCADE
HyperBowl-Technicat,LLC                                      Influx-Half Fast Games
Akane Lite                                                            Rush City
Lemonade                                                            Slfpart2

Package Content:
1x Ipega PG-9055 Game Controller
1x User Manual
1x USB Cable


 Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.400kg (0.88lb.)
Package Size:
15cm x 10cm x 10cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

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