iPEGA PG-9023 Telescopic Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

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Brand Name: iPEGA
Model Number: PG-9023

Product Description

iPEGA PG-9023 Telescopic Wireless Bluetooth Game Gaming Controller Gamepad Joystick for Phone/Pod/Pad/Android IOS Tablet PC



Kindly Note:

This game controller don\'t support MTK CPU smartphone



This wireless bluetooth game controller is specially designed for Tablet PC, pad, smartphone,etc.
With bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission, it can be operated at a distance of 6-8meters without any
drivers. Telescopic design is one of its highlights, which can be extended to fit diffrent sizes of mobile
phones and tablets(from 5 to 10inches). It is compatible with *Pod/*Phone/*Pad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs


 1.Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control (ipega game lobby only for Android platform)
 2. Bluetooth transmission with any drivers, effective control distance 6~8 meters
 3. Built-in lithium battery, after charging fully, it can keep working for 20 hours, safe and stable
 4. Telesopic stand(5~10inch extending length), suitable for the Pod/Phone/Pad and various android tablet PCs
 5. With volume+ and volume-, last next play/pause, total 5 multimedia function keys(
this function is imcompatible with Y key mode)
 6. User-friendly design, automatically enter the energy-saving mode under no connection with no connection state
 7. Support Android 3.2, IOS 4.3 or above


 1. Model: PG-9023
 2. Bluetooth: 3.0
 3. Controlling distance: 6~8M
 4. Telescopic stand: Support 5~10" devices
 5. Working voltage: DC3.7V
 6. Working current: 30mA
 7. Input: DC5V 500mA

Game support description                                                                                                

Under Android system, it supports the vast majority of games and simulator games(such as MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator
GBA emulator, arcade emulator, SF simulator, N64 emulator, Shadowgun, Sonic CD, Cordy, Soulcraft, Zenonia4, 9 Innings2013, Riptide,etc.)

Download method of games that are compatible: Enter itunes and App Store to search for iCade. The handle can be compatible with the vast majority of games, such as Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League of Evil League of Evil2, Muffin Knight Free Stardash, Temple the Run and so on.


User Manual                                                                                                                      





Keyboard Mode

iCade Mode

GamePad Mode

IPEGA Game Centre/SPP Mode

X.GamePad Mode: Only Android 3.2+ version supports this mode. When the handle is turned off, first press the X key, then press the HOME key. Bluetooth LED indicator flash. Then handle enter into the pairing mode and turn on the phone and search Bluetooth devices Ipega Extending Game Controller for pairing. LED indicator light is on after the
sucessful pairing.

A. Keyboard Mode:(For Android system and support various types of simulators) When the handle is turned off, first press the A key, then press the HOME key. The Bluetooth LED indicator flash and the handle enter into pairing mode. Turn on the phone and search Bluetooth devices Ipega Extending Game Controller for pairing. LED light is on after successful pairing.

B.iCade modes: When the handle is turned off, first press the B key, then press the HOME key. The Bluetooth LED light indicator flash, and the handle enter into the pairing mode. Turn on the phone and search Bluetooth devices Ipega Extending Game Controller for pairing. LED light indicator is on after successful pairing.

Y key has two modes: 1. SPP Mode(for systems with virtual keys of the game), 2. iPega gaming desktop(see appendix)
1. SPP Mode: When then handle is turned off, first press the Y key, then press the HOME key, LED lights flash and the handle enter into the pairing mode, if the pairing is successful, the LED light indicator is keeping bright. The handle is in the SPP mode; SPP mode requires corresponding Android APP software to complete the relevant key mapping function.





SPP Use:                                                                                                                             
1 Go to Settings → Language and input → Select Input Method "GHTouch IM" 
2 Open the application "GHTouch" → Choose device "ipega Extending Game Controller" → check "virtual screen buttons"
→ Select Input Method "GHTouch IM" → The device will automatically connect with the handle, after the
 connection is completed ,  the LED indicator light 
3 After entering the game, press the volume up on the device or handle "Select" button, the button icon onto
 the screen corresponding to the position (Note: Double-click the icon to set the size), press return or click on


 input method setting:  Using the controller to play game should set the phone or notebook input method to be default as English language input (For the ios system, be sure to switch the input method, and then pairing. If not, the handle does not work properly.)

Charging controller:  Accessing the controller to 5V power supply for charging (PC device or mobile phone power adapter). In the process of charging, the charge indicator light of handle is orange and  LED is off after fully charged.

Switch on/off the controller: Press "HOME" button for  3 seconds until the Bluetooth LED is off, it means shutdown is successful. If the phone is not unpair connection when controller shutdown. Just do it again
Press the "HOME" button for about five seconds, until the LED red light flashes slowly. It means that the handle is turned on (the default the last boot mode), the boot handle will automatically paired with the phone connection. If the connection fails, the handle will automatically shut down.

Connect the PCOpen the device’s Bluetooth PC program, and select the "X, A" in either mode can be paired with(and does not have a Bluetooth PC devices need to use the Bluetooth receiver).

Note: To change the controller function mode, please  turn off the controller firstly and cancel the bluetooth pairing , then in accordance with the operation mode to replace the steps.



About compatibility:                                                                                                        

Our Ipega gamepad controller works well with a varierty of simulation games on Android system.
However, it has not much games supported games on IOS(unless jailbreak). We have listed 
some tested games that are available on your IOS device.

Entre iTune→App Store→searching iCade→dowload the games as below:

Testing Games for IOS device(No Jailbreak)

1.Midway Arcade-Warner Bros 2.PAC-MAN for Pad-Namco Networks America Inc.Games
3.Super Lemonade Factory-Shane Brouwer 4.Blast Ball-UNCADE
5.Gold Runner-YOMEN,Inc. 6.Kung Fu Rabbit-Bulkypix
7.Retro Racing-Me Qwak Limited 8.Muffin Knight-Angry Mob Games
9.Minotron:2112-Llamasoft 10.Velocispider-Retro Dreamer
11.No Gravity-Realtech VR 12.Super Mega Worm-Deceased Pixel LLC
13.Space Inversion-Silverline Arts 14.Sideways Racing-Bjango
15.Emerald Mine-Les Bird 16.Freeesh-Realtech VR
17.Commodore64-Manomio LLC 18.The Exteriminator-SUMO Productions
19.IronStar Arena-Appracatappra 20.Compression HD-Little White Bear Studios,LLC
21.Mos Speedrun-Physmo 22.Warblade HD-Edgar Vigdal
23.Plum Crazy-Claymore Games 24.HungryMaster-xionchannel
25.Cyborg Livestock-PopArcade 26.Space Inversion2-Silverline Arts
27.Stardash-OrangePixel 28.GoatUP-Llamasoft
29.Mintotaur Rescue-Llamasoft 30.Bob\'s Action Racing-VariaMedia GmbH
31.Silverfish MAX-Chaptic Box 32.Retroid-Flat Black Films
33.Box Cat-Rusty Moyher 34.Fruity The Snake HD-22Moo
35.AirAttack HD-Art In Games 36.Temple Run-Imangi Studios,LLC(only support 1st version)
37.HyperBowl-Technicat,LLC 38.Haunted Hallway-UNCADE
39.Battlestation-CrushCrumble 40.Jungool-Headsoft
41.Influx-Half Fast Games  

Kindly reminder: To play more games on IOS, you need to have your Phone jailbroken. Then your phone
would support them, but please do it via correct way or you may get a brand new Brick.

Package contents                                                                                                              

1x Ipega Wireless Bluetooth Controller
1x User Manual






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0.400kg (0.88lb.)
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20cm x 20cm x 10cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in)


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